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Auto service

Our service provides the below services:lorenc160818_5.jpg

  • Engine’s and gear box’s repair,
  • Chassis’ repair,
  • Small body fixings, a control of stainless steel’s elements,
  • Geometry measurement of vehicles and trailers,
  • Repair of braking systems and pneumatic WABCO, HALDEX and KNORR, diagnostics and repair of ABS, EBS, TEBS and TCE systems,
  • Repairs, controls and filling of the air conditioning systems with a refrigerant,
  • Electro installations of vehicles, repair of motor starters and alternators,
  • Repairs of independent WEBASTO and EBERSPACHER heating systems, repairs and controls of independent WEBASTO air conditioning systems,
  • Repairs of fuel systems,
  • Diagnosing faults, complete tests of electronic systems using WabcoWurth diagnostic tools,
  • Small paint rapiers.

All of the above mentioned repairs are provided specifically as:

  • A control,
  • Standard repairs,
  • Mileage service,
  • Preparing vehicles for MOT test in terms of safety.

 We also provide:

    • Spare parts’ sale of all the mentioned vehicles,
    • Fluids’ sale,
    • AdBlue fluid sale,
    • Batteries’ sale,
    • Sale of the ADR equipment and load securing straps,
    • Sale of brand new tires and type Remix tires,
    • Sale of car accessories.lorenc_w+éoc+éawek_inter_truck_2018_00042.jpg


Service’s price list

An hourly rate for a Mechanic’s work: 110 zł net

Contact Us:

ul. Zielna 14B, 87-800 Włocławek

Tel.: 54 426 22 62

Fax: 54 426 22 63

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday

06:00 - 22:00


06:00 - 14:00


Send your questions to our Service Staff

DSC_6737 Piotr Barankiewicz.JPG 

Car Service Manager

Piotr Barankiewicz

+48 797 418 754



Spare Parts Warehouse

+48 54 426 28 95


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