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Truck Service

Order an auto service

  • engine and gearbox repairs
  • suspension repairs
  • measurement of vehicle and semi-trailer geometry lorenc-autoserwis
  • repairs of WABCO, HALDEX and KNORR braking and pneumatic systems, diagnostics and repairs of ABS, EBS, TEBS and TCE systems
  • repairs, inspections, fumigation and recharging of air conditioning systems with refrigerant
  • vehicle electrical installation, repair of the starter and alternator
  • repairs of independent WEBASTO and EBERSPÄCHER heating systems, repairs and inspections of independent WEBASTO air conditioning systems
  • fuel system repairs
  • computer diagnostics of trucks using the WabcoWürth and Jaltest systems
  • body repairs, inspection of elements
  • minor paint repairs

The above-mentioned repairs are carried out in the following areas:

  • control
  • standard repairs
  • kilometre service
  • preparing vehicles for technical inspection in terms of safety

In addition to repairs, we also sell, among others:

  • spare parts
  • AdBlue fluid,
  • new tires
  • car accessories

Service price list:

Hourly rate for mechanic’s work: PLN 110 net.