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Contact us

Lorenc Logistic Poland Ltd.

Lorenc Logistic Poland Ltd. is registered with the District Court VII, Economic Department of the National Court in Toruń under number 0000324262.

Bank details: 

  • Deutsche Bank S.A.


  • IBAN PL:    PL26 1910 1048 2122 0170 9526 0001

  • IBAN EUR: PL96 1910 1048 2122 0170 9526 0002

How to get to our office:

Take A1 Road in the direction of Toruń/Bydgoszcz – enter the area of Anwil Chemical Plants at Gate 2.


Lorenc Logistic Poland Ltd.                                                  

Car Service

How to get to our service point:

Take State Road 62 in the direction of Płock, down to the crossing no. 67 towards Lipno, at the roundabout take the left exit into Płocka Street. Drive down the street 1.7 km and take the turning left into Zielna Street at WORD building.