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We offer a full range of services targeted on a computer diagnostic of HGV vehicles with the help of WABCO-WÜRTH and JALTEST diagnostic computers such as

  • Calibration of - a clutch, a gear, a suspension, a dehumidifier, a brake pads,

  • Resetting of a service interval

wabco.jpg             jaltest.jpg




ABS, EBS- Wabco, Knorr, Heldex- diagnostic of braking systems of trailers

  • Check-up of faults recording code

  • Checking fault codes,

  • Parameterization of steerings,

  • Resetting of a service interval,

  • Specifying mileage of trailers,

  • Calibration of brake pads.



 Price of diagnostics : 150 zł net
 Give your car in the good hands of fully qualified experts!  

Place your diagnostic service order here

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Car Service Manager

Piotr Barankiewicz

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