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Insurance Coverage

Lorenc Logistic Polska Sp. Z o.o. is insured against all services provided for its customers in a renowned insurance company, all compliant with law in use.

Our aim is securing goods in a way that allows a quick and reliable claims’ payment if any claims appear.

Loren Logistic Polska Sp. Z o.o.

Insurance to a maximum amount per year


Insurances company

International Road transport

1 500.000EUR / 1LKW

Responsibility as per CMR


National Road Transport

1 500.000EUR / 1LKW

Responsibility as per OCP




1 500.000EUR / 1LKW

Responsibility as per CMR



Road Spedition/ cabotage

1 500.000EUR / 1LKW



Insurance is free of charge for our customers.

Lorenc Logistic Polska expects to pay out the expected amount of insurance going beyond standard frames in case of:

  • High quality goods when each of them is insured separately,

  • An additional insurance of Hi- Tech products in the amount of 1.270.000EUR/1LKW

  • Payment of insurance in case of parcel not delivered on time.

The insurance company can create an individual offer on special terms and conditions on a customer’s request.

Logistic Administrator

Marita Sobiech

+48 54 428 28 89


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