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Our Core Business

Hi- Tech and higher risk goods’ transport

Highly Vulnerable Cargo transport- here we prioritise security of goods. Therefore our operational centre constantly controls progress of works in a real time.

Independent online monitoring systems generate reports about both trailer’s and motor status.

Every customer interested in a direct control of own loading can monitor it using a web browser.

Our drivers have access to three independent communication systems. Details of a proceedings procedure are followed step by step, under supervision of monitoring units.

Hi- Tech transport is provided on a special insurance

Transport of goods in a controlled temperature

A cooling transport- such transport is provided using trailers with all the necessary attests and certificates. They are also in control of a proper servic Transport w temperaturze kontrolowanej

Cargobull Schmitz telematics is the main tool used to control temperature during transport. It provides an up to date information about temperature inside a trailer irrespective of time and location of a trailer.

A printout from a cooling aggregate computer is a final confirmation of completing transport as per customer’s specification.

All our trailers are double decked and their maximum capacity is 66 euro pallets. Customers transporting light goods where every package is treated with a special care can be of main benefits in this situation.

An Automotive Transport

Transport Automotive

A spatial transport- our canvas sets with the overall capacity of 120 m3 and 3m high are dedicated to the automotive sector.

This sector is closely connected with production lines where its main stress is on punctuality crucial to keep the flow of deliveries.

Many years of experience allow us to plan freely a transport using JIT (Just In Time) technique. This is a determinant of our standards which are measured using KPI.





Logistic Administrator

Marita Sobiech

+48 54 428 28 89


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