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Monitoring on-line

Volvo Dynafleet

All vehicles of Loren Logistic Polska Sp. Z o.o. are equipped in Dynafleet IT system of VOLVO. It covers whole Europe, allowing a constant contact of a dispatcher and drivers, a control of a vehicle’s status and current information about transported goods. Thanks to the Dynafleet system all transports are optimized against minimum amount of so called empty kilometers which in practice means a maximal transport rationalization.

Dynafleet is a complex system of transport information that uses satellite transmission. A dispatcher can request information about the status of a vehicle and its location using the system, without contacting a driver. It means that the Dynafleet system allows determining a geographical location of a vehicle using GPS (Global Position System).

A driver can communicate with a dispatcher via Dynafleet in any time and inform him about loading and unloading process ( a quicker or delayed transport).

Lorenc Logistic Polska Sp. Z o.o. controlls its vehicles using a new version of Dynafleet which allows not only monitoring data about vehicles in motion but also updating information via Internet.

Our customers are given an opportunity of tracking own parcels in any place and any time, in every Eurpean language, including Russian and Turkish, without a need of contacting our employees.

The Dynafleet system also allows monitoring of a driving style of our drivers. Based on those data Lorenc Logistic Polska organizes regular trainings focused on fuel usage reduction which decreases a harmful effect on our environment.

Dynafleet Messaging Solutions - MS Dynamic NAV

The main advantages of using Dynafleet altogether with the Microsoft Dynamic NAV system are:

  • Transport optimization,

  • ‘empty kilometres’ reduction = lower CO2 emission,

  • Defining the shortest and the quickest route,

  • A perfect view into all deliveries in a real time.


Schmitz Telematics 

Focusing on customers’ expectations, our company places the attention to a transport process monitoring expecting instant and detailed information about a vehicle’s and goods’ status.

All our trailers dedicated to the HGV transport are equipped in a telematics system of Cargobull Schmitz which works within the EU area

Thanks to the telematics our dispatchersand customers receive the below information on-line:

  • A specific GPS location sent in a real time,

  • Infoamtion about arrival or leaving a specific area( set by a disponent on a digital map),

  • A history of vehicle’s position and projection of a route,

  • An actual state of coupling or uncoupling with a motor including door’ status,

  • EBS’ module data (mileage, an axle load, speed),

  • A control of a pressure in tires and an actual state of brake pads’ wear (including the alarm function),

  • Information about the loading state of vehicle – available thanks to the analysis of an axle load,

  • Temperature control- available for vehicles with a cooling system altogether with data from the temperature recorder,

  • Technical data of a cooling aggregate ( an actual aggregate work, working hours, defrost system).

Logistic Administrator

Marita Sobiech

+48 54 428 28 89


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