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Vulcanisation services

We provide vulcanization services to our customers from January 2016 at our service point in Włocławek.


Our offer:

  • Assembly and disassembly of wheels,
  • Assembly and disassembly of tires,
  • Tire balancing,
  • Filling tires with nitrogen,
  • Fixing tires using a ‘cold’ method,
  • New tires’ sale,
  • Utilising used tires.

    All of the vulcanization services are provided by a fully qualified personnel.


Control and wheel alignment using JOSAM, a laser- based tool

What does wheel alignment mean to me?

  • Reduced fuel consumption by 3-10% but sometimes even by 20%,

  • Reduced tires’ wear (a large deviation from proper alignment increases the consumption of 15-50%),

  • Better safety on the road,

  • Better driving conditions.



What do we actually measure?

  • convergence and divergence of the steering axle,

  • the position of the vehicle axle and the whole set,

  • Tilt of tires,

  • inclination of a kingpin,

  • The differrence in turning angle,

  • Maximalturning angle.



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